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Frequently asked questions

This sounds great, where do we begin?

Click HERE, to schedule a ‘temperament test’ for your dog. This is a free assessment we do with your dog, at our facility, both in your presence and alone. We want to be sure your angel of a puppy gets along with other well-mannered dogs, and our staff.  Often, a dog's demeanor changes, for better or worse, upon realization their owner has left them. For puppies younger than 6-8 months, this can often be skipped, as you still have time to shape temperament, break bad behaviors, and encourage positive social interaction with a variety of dog personalities.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your dog, on leash, and their vaccination records from your veterinarian. Be prepared to leave your dog in our care for a couple of hours. We prefer you leave them all day, at no charge, as we can make a more thorough assessment. 

Do I need to make an appointment for daycare?

No, daycare is first come first serve. We have the ability to add staff as daily headcounts increase. We do not foresee problems of daycare maximum capacity in the near future.

Do I need to make an appointment for boarding?

Yes. For nearly all stays, 24 hours notice is adequate. However, boarding for major holidays is in high demand. We recommend our customers pre-schedule boarding at least 30 days or more in advance of holidays. You may be required to pay a 50% deposit for your appointment which will be applied to your bill at checkout. If boarding is canceled less than 72 hours before scheduled check in, you forfeit your deposit. You can register an account, and book online HERE.

What should I bring with my dog for daycare?

Typically nothing more than bringing your pup on a leash is necessary. If you like, you can bring a snack for lunchtime. We have toys, games, and all the other things required for your dog to have an awesome day at Tailwaggers Canine Social Club.

What should I bring with my dog for boarding?

Please bring the food your pet is accustomed to, and feeding instructions. We have food on hand, if for some reason this is problematic. Nothing more is required, we have beds, blankets, bowls, and toys to make your dog’s stay comfortable. However, it can sometimes make your pup’s stay even more comfortable if you provide the bed, blankets, and certain personal items your pet is most familiar with. 

Does my dog also get daycare when boarding?

Absolutely! During each weekday of your dog’s stay with us, they are involved in all daycare club activities, included in the boarding price.

I know my dog behaves badly, can my dog still come to daycare?

How badly? It may not be too late to better socialize your pup. Attendance at Tailwaggers will depend on many variables, most importantly, the safety of our well-behaved members, and human staff. It is our goal to nurture new members into being happy, acceptable pack members. Sometimes bad habits can be corrected. We know not all dogs are easy. We are not afraid to put in the hard work required to help your dog adjust to a multitude of different, unpredictable social situations. Sadly, some pets are simply too dangerous, too stubborn, or even too scared to be managed safely into beneficial integration. Here at Tailwaggers, we must first and foremost maintain a safe environment.

What kind of training do you provide?

Tailwaggers is a Social Club, not a training facility. Your dog will not learn how to find explosives in an airport while with us. Neither will your pet become able to assist blind humans through busy city crosswalks. If your dog is able to do these things, it is highly likely they may enjoy their day off, relaxing in our social environment. The only teaching or training we provide Tailwaggers club members, is how to navigate complex social environments with many different canine personalities. Better results come with more frequent visits. Though your dog may never be exposed to more than 10-20 other dogs at a time, through frequent visits, your pet may make 80-100 different friends, or enemies, as is sometimes the case. We know who your dog’s best friend is. We know the type of dog your pet dislikes and how they manage the situation. We learn quickly who your dog looks forward to seeing each visit. We also know who your dog is going to scuffle with, or develop a romance with. This all takes place under watchful and experienced supervision. Most of the teaching is veteran dogs schooling the rookie pups. Good dogs demonstrate how to be good dogs, as many variables are introduced. 

Why is there no park, or grassy area for my pet to frolic?

We hear this a lot. It is a fair question. Everyone imagines an idyllic green pasture, where their dog can romp around, complete with a pond and game birds to chase. Central Wichita simply does not offer this environment. And if it did, 15-30 dogs occupying it every weekday would very quickly turn it into a filthy mud hole, impossible to safely maintain. There are too many dogs that love to get wet and muddy, and others that believe soil of any type exists for no other reason but to be tunneled through. 20 big dogs produce a surprising amount of waste. Maintaining clean surroundings for your dog is essential in establishing a safe environment.

Then where will my dog play?

From conception, Tailwaggers has been designed with ample indoor and outdoor areas for dogs to socialize all seasons of the calendar. One of our greatest investments is the more than 2400 square foot outdoor play area. The concrete has been poured to specifications ideal for healthy dog management. It is graded for directional drainage, during rain, or after cleaning. It has a topical texture that is preferable for dogs at play. In icy conditions, there will be enough traction for wintertime play, ideal for Huskies and similar dogs. Our staff will also be able to do what is needed without slipping. However, it is not so ruff that it injures the pads of the feet of a sensitive dog. It’s texture is also conducive to keeping tough nails worn back to a comfortable length. It is a highly reflective surface, great at keeping heat at bay during hot summer months. Though we keep pools out for members to enjoy, as well as sprinklers and frequent cleaning, this surface will remain cooler than your average sidewalk, and properly shaded. 

Are all dog breeds welcome at Tailwaggers?

Yes, of course. We welcome all dogs. No wolf-hybrids are permitted under any circumstances. Otherwise, your pup is a perspective club member regardless of ear length, mismatched eye color, or coat condition. In fact, even if your dog is missing it’s tail, he can still be a proud member of Tailwaggers Canine Social Club. Breed specificity is not an issue here, only personality, disposition and ability to get along with fellow club members and staff.

Do you accept blankets, throw away furniture etc?

Usually, this is determined on a case by case basis, and we are always in need of things like towels. We hope to soon set up an exchange system for members who may no longer need certain items like leashes, collars, or beds that have been replaced. These items will be available to members who may be in need of such items from time to time.

Do you allow volunteers to assist with dogs?

No. We believe that individuals managing dogs at the skill level our customers expect, should be compensated for their work. Also, it is important that our customers know their treasured family members are in the hands of professionals they know and trust.

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